Buyer’s Guideline: How to Choose the Best Women’s Indoor Basketball?

Looking for help to choose the best women’s indoor basketball?

Then you are at the right place! Go through this buyer’s guide of the best women’s indoor basketball, and you will find your answer.

Basketball is one of the most famous and viewed sports globally. In this sport, the size of the court and basketball, height of the basket, and time of the game can all differ as per the player’s gender, age, and skills.

Now, if we talk only about basketball, then to give your best, you need to feel comfortable with your basketball. Some of the most general points you have to remember while buying the best women’s indoor basketball are bouche, persistence, proper air hold system, and it is easy to hold. So here we will discuss how to choose the best women’s indoor basketball for you.

But before that,

For Indoor Use, What is the Difference Between Men and Women Basketball?

The main difference is the ball size. The basketball size in the women’s game is size 6 (28.5 inches), and the basketball in the men’s game is size 7 (29.5 inches). So, size 6 balls are slightly smaller than size 7 balls, making them perfect for the women players with smaller hand spans.

women indoor basketball

Now let’s jump to the main question:

How To Pick The Best Women’s Indoor Basketball?

Size, material, and color are the main 3 things you have to consider while picking the best women’s indoor basketball for you.

Size of Women’s Indoor Basketball:

The first step in selecting a basketball is deciding what size is perfect for you. Size 6 balls are the official ball size for women.

Size 6 basketballs have a circumference of 28.5 inches and have a standard weight of 20 oz. WBL player Karen Logan advised about smaller basketball sizes and gave a reason that, on average, women’s hands are smaller than men’s, and men’s and women’s upper body strength also varies.

Try this 28.5″ Wilson NCAA Limited Basketball Designed For Women For Indoor Use:

wilson women indoor basketball

Material of Women’s Indoor Basketball:

There are 3 main kinds of basketball material available:

Leather Basketballs: These basketballs are expensive, but they are best in quality and offer longevity. Over time, this leather becomes a softer feel, and it offers the best grip on your hands. Most professional players use this kind of basketball.

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Synthetic Leather Basketballs: These basketballs are suited for indoor and outdoor play. Their surface is already softer, so they offer grip in hand from the day you buy it. They are cheaper than Leather balls, but their lifespan is smaller than theirs.

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You have to also consider the type of indoor court surface material to have the proper bounce of the balls. Like,

If your indoor court surface is made of hardwood, you can go for any basketball materials.
If your indoor court is made from multi-purpose materials, use leather or synthetic basketballs.
But if the indoor court is made of concrete or asphalt, synthetic or rubber basketballs are perfect.

Color of Women’s Indoor Basketball:

After you have selected your basketball size and material, the only thing remaining is to pick the color of the basketball.

Most basketballs are available in burnt orange color, but other colors like blue, black, yellow, and many more are also available. Many teams and leagues have their standard colors for basketballs. So you have to choose as per your needs.

Pick this official size Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball if used for leagues:

spalding women indoor basketball

For Indoor Use, Leather Can Be the Most Suitable Choice

Do you know that one basketball that is perfect for one surface will not be perfect for another one?

Professional basketball players use leather balls in pro basketball games to have the best grip and bounce. The look, quality, and feel of a genuine leather basketball are unique from any other material. Leather basketball used by professionals is meticulously designed for the game by breaking down the leather to make it softer. (Check here for the best grip indoor basketball designed for professionals.)

But if you are a beginner basketball player, then composite leather, also known as synthetic basketball, is the best women’s indoor basketball. This basketball does not need any break-in time, and they are cheaper than leather basketballs. It is made up of both rubber and leather material so that you can practice with it on any surface. (Check here to get the best value indoor women basketball for beginners.)

Choose Brand Based on Your Usage

Spalding and Wilson’s basketballs are preferred in the national level tournaments like WNBA or NCAA. They offer different colors, sizes, weights, and other features to make basketballs better for the best grip and bounce. They generally use leather material to offer superior quality basketball.

But If you think which one is better than Spalding and Wilson, the Wilson Basketball is more suitable if you consider durability and price.

Here is the recommended Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

  wilson women indoor basketball

But if you want a better feel, then the Spalding basketball is excellent. Both companies are regularly making modifications and upgrading their basketball products to make them more comfortable for the player.

Find Spalding TF-1000 Legacy Composite Basketball

spalding high value leather basketball

For the stadium practice, one can go for Baden brand’s basketball. One of the reasons behind that is its durability. Even after using it for a long time in-stadium practice, it gives you the same feeling. Also, it is an NFHS approved basketball, so it gives you the best bounce experience.

The Baden basketballs are extremely grippy, just like Wilson Basketballs. And prices of Baden basketballs are also lower than Wilson and Spalding, so overall, they are the best for the stadium practice.

Here is Baden Elite Indoor Basketball around $70 recommended for the stadium.

elite women indoor basketball

Can Women’s Indoor Basketball Be Used Outdoors?

No! You can not use women’s indoor basketball outdoors.

Indoor basketballs are generally produced using softer materials like full-grain leather, while outdoor basketball is produced from hard materials like rubber or composite leather.

Indoor court surfaces are mostly smooth like wooden parquet surfaces, while outdoor surfaces are rough and mostly constructed with concrete. So when you play indoor basketball at an outdoor court, there are chances of cracks or tears on the indoor basketballs.

Outdoors basketballs must be more durable as they handle abrasive surfaces and keep their playability in different environments. At the same time, indoor basketballs are produced to handle soft and smooth surfaces only.

Composite leather basketballs are superior in quality, and they are more adaptable so that we can use them for indoor and outdoor games. However, not all brand’s composite leather basketballs are available with the same consistency for indoor and outdoor. So we can use composite leather outdoor basketballs indoors, but not all indoor basketballs can be used outdoors. So before buying or making your choice of the best women’s indoor basketball, gather your requirements and then make the decision.

Final Words

So, if you are finding the Best Women’s Indoor basketball for you, I hope this guideline will help you pick the best one for you. I wish you good luck for your next game!