The 5 Best Surface for Outdoor Basketball Court Recommended in 2022

Did you know that a basketball surface is as important as the ball and the court? The ground or surface where you play basketball determines its bounciness. Basketball involves a lot of dripping when maneuvering the ball around the opponent and before shooting. So, the ball absorbs the energy it gets from the ground when you drop it on the ground. This, in return, determines how much energy you will need to employ when dripping the ball.

This means that if the ground gives high bouncing energy, you will need little body energy to bounce the ball. But, if the ground has less energy, you will need to employ a lot of body energy to drip the ball on the surface; hence, limiting your performance. So, if you are building a basketball ground court, be careful of the construction materials you use.

Well, do you want to learn more about basketball surfaces and how to choose the best materials? This article suits you. We are going to discuss the best surfaces for outdoor basketball courts, and how to choose them.


Importance of Choosing the Best Surface For An Outdoor Basketball Court

Reduces injuries

best outdoor basketball court surface plans

The best basketball court surface is made of soft and smooth material essential for eliminating major accidents. Accidents such as falls are bound to happen when a team is playing basketball, but to ensure the members are safe and not deeply bruised by the ground, the best surfaces should have soft materials.

Other than minimizing injuries, the right basketball court surfaces are made with a special grip to allow the players to perform a wide variety of moves such as jumping and running without experiencing joint pains.

Quality and weather-resistant materials

outdoor basketball court surface plans

An outdoor basketball surface is usually built on an open area which means that the surface will be exposed to outdoor climates throughout the year. So if the surface has the right and quality materials, you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged when it rains or when exposed to high UV rays. The materials are easy and cheap to maintain.

The best part is that you can still enjoy basketball tournaments on sunny days considering the materials do not heat up. However, this narrows down to the kind of materials you use in constructing the basketball court surfaces. So, always use quality materials.

Acts as a shock absorbent and safe for the shoes

professional outdoor basketball court surface

The right surfaces for basketball courts are made with special materials that act as a shock absorbent. They ensure comfort when one jumps up in the field, and they also improve traction for comfort when playing the game. The shock absorbent mode secures the shoes from wear and tear, most especially for people who love playing basketball daily. You don’t have to deal with hurting feet or worry about your shoes wearing out quickly as long you have the right surface.

Have quality color

outdoor basketball court surface selecting

The paint used to partition and color the basketball court surface is not the same used in houses and other areas. The right basketball court should have the right colors that do not easily fade. A good basketball court surface should stay for more than one year before you think of repainting it.

Improves the bounciness of the ball

best basketball outdoor court surface

The best surface for a basketball court should provide a proper bouncing effect when you drip the ball around. The hard basketball surfaces are great for providing a good bounce effect than the soft ones, but the choice depends n the age. If you are training professionally, go for the hard surfaces, but for leisure basketball games, go for the soft materials as they are safer for the legs.

Offers good traction

professional surface for outdoor basketball court

Basketball game involves a lot of feet activities such as running, stopping, tipping, and accelerating. Therefore, a good surface should provide good foot traction, so you can perform all these activities without incurring injuries or falling. The hard surfaces provide excellent traction but are not friendly to the shoes. Also, they may need regular maintenance to restore the traction effect for a long time.


What are the Different Types of Outdoor Basketball Court Surfaces?

Asphalt and concrete surfaces

outdoor surface for basketball court

These are two common materials used for making pavements outdoors. In fact, people who don’t have professional basketball courts opt to play the game at pavements that are cemented with asphalt and concrete materials.

The materials are meant for the outdoors and thus, are good for all outdoor weather climates. These two surfaces are super durable to withstand constant running by multiple people. Although asphalt and concrete are not recommendable for professional basketball training, they are quite reliable and common for many people.

The materials are easy to draw basketball lines and give excellent bounciness to eliminate the players using a lot of strength. However, it is crucial to note that these two materials are not durable. Asphalt tends to wear out pretty easily if the surface is used for more than one activity.

For example, if the basketball is played at the driveway, the surface may wear out easily and develop potholes from the passing cars. The surfaces are not safe, considering they are a bit rough. But, when it comes to reliability and convenience for outdoor use, they definitely win.

Artificial turf grass

artificial turf grass outdoor basketball court surface

If you are looking for a movable basketball court for your home, turf artificial grass is a great choice. These grasses are quite common in making sports surfaces in residential as they mimic the actual grass fields. The artificial grasses are soft and more comfortable to give a good bouncing effect when you drip the ball.

You don’t need to worry about the grass getting damaged when exposed to outdoor weather since they have strong and durable material to accommodate the outdoor weather. The artificial grass surfaces are safe mainly for kids since the soft surface protects them from extreme injuries when they fall.

This grass is easy to partition, and the paint sticks well on the surface. The best part is that you can always remove the surface if you no longer need to use, or if you want to change the position of your basketball court.

Multipurpose synthetic plastic surfaces

multiple use outdoor basketball court

The plastic basketball surfaces are installed above concrete or asphalt. The plastic, synthetic surfaces are suitable for outdoor basketball courts since they are quite easy and convenient to maintain. First off, plastic does not absorb water, and thus, even if the surface gets rainwater, it will take less time to dry it up.

These plastic surfaces are made with special materials to ensure the players get a good grip when running around the ground. They provide good traction and acts as shock absorbents to eliminate injuries and abrasive pains after playing for too long. The soft surface of the plastic materials gives a good bounce of the ball to minimize the body energy needed to drop the ball.

However, keep in mind that not all multipurpose plastic materials are safe for constructing the court surface. So, make sure a professional constructor does the job so he can guide you in choosing the right materials.

Wood-plastic composites

   outdoor basketball surface with wooden material

These plastic materials consist of an infusion of wood plastic composites mixed with reclaimed wood which are later joined with adhesive. These types of surfaces are super common in commercial areas like restaurants since they provide good grip and the wood-like structure adds a touch of decor to the area. You can also install the WPC surfaces at your basketball court since they are quite sturdy and strong to accommodate everyday banging and stepping.

These types of basketball surfaces are good for rental areas since they are easy to install. You don’t need a hammer and nails when installing them at the basketball court as they naturally adhere when you join them. Maintaining the surfaces are super easy as they don’t need a constant repaint, plus they are easy to clean. The soft and rebound effect ensures the basketball players are comfortable playing their game on the surface.


How to Choose the Best Surface For An Outdoor Basketball Court?

The permit

outdoor basketball court surface choosing

You cannot just wake up one day and decide to build a basketball court in your home. Some rules and regulations govern the construction of the extra structure in homesteads in every state. So, make sure to get a permit from the land authorities before installing the basketball surface. Note that the rules differ in different cities.

The basketball court area

The area that you need to build the basketball court will hugely determine the choice of a surface. Although these surfaces are made with water-resistant materials, you need to make sure that they can withstand high wetness if your area has poor drainage. A flat surface takes too long to dry up, and therefore you need materials that will not last for weeks before drying up.

The type of surface

Various surfaces are highly recommendable for outdoor basketball courts. You can select from concrete, asphalt, turf artificial grass, and even plastic materials. The choice will depend on where you want to install and your needs. If you need a surface that is soft and gentler to your body, especially foot joints, plastic surfaces are the best choices.

The plastic materials are quite comfortable and soft such that even if you fall, you will not incur severe injuries. The same case goes for artificial turf grass. They build a comfortable cushion on the ground so you can enjoy your basketball games. These two types of surfaces are suitable for temporary basketball areas since you can always move them if no longer in use.

But, if you are looking for a tough surface for training basketball games mainly for adults, asphalt and concrete are the best choices. These are the easiest and most common surfaces used at home. The hard construction of the surfaces provides great rebound when dripping the ball.

The size

choose the best surface for outdoor basketball court

This is crucial if you want to install the plastic and WPC material for the outdoor basketball court. The size of the basketball court will help you determine the size of the surface floor to buy. It is always advisable that you measure the court area and use the measurements to shop for the surface floor. However, this should be done by a professional so they can guide you on the extra edge pieces to add when buying the surface.

If you are building a court for family use, a small 10 x 20 size may work. But if you need a court for creating tournaments with friends, large size will be required to accommodate multiple people. So, always consider the size of the basketball court when creating the surface for your games.

The performance

Will the floor limit your dripping, do you have to use a lot of energy when dropping or to move around the court? These are other crucial factors you need to consider when buying the surface. The surface should not limit your performance or hinder you from enjoying the game. Therefore, whichever surface you settle on, make sure it meets all the listed features.

Choose a surface that has good traction for convenient movements and gentle to your body when playing in case you trip or fall when playing the game. If the court is to be used by kids, choose a model that is soft and comfortable to their little feet when maneuvering around.


The last thing you need is to keep on changing or replacing the basketball surface after a short while of using it right! So whichever brand you opt for, make sure it has quality material constructions for durability. If you are installing the surface for regular training, make sure to choose materials that are strong to withstand constant banging and steps from the people.

If you need the surface for grown-ups, I would recommend you consider asphalt, concrete, or turfgrass since they are stronger to withstand constant use. These surfaces are also hard to give good rebound compared to the plastic models. However, whichever surface you install make sure to get a warranty for quality assurance. The constructor should give you at least 1 to 2 years with free services if the court does not last longer or serve the purpose.

Weather-resistant materials

best surface for outdoor basketball court

The basketball surfaces for the outdoors should have quality materials that are resistant to outdoor weather climates. These surfaces will be exposed to outdoor weather elements throughout, and thus they should have quality material that can withstand the outdoor weather. For example, the surfaces made of plastic should not easily fade or crack when exposed to the high sunlight. They should also be resistant to wetness even after constant rain.

The budget

How much are you planning to spend on building a surface for your basketball court? The prices of the surfaces are determined by a variety of factors like the size, the type, the materials, and even the constructor. Some surface models are more expensive than others since they are more functional and durable. So, be sure of how much you want to spend on buying the products.

Nonetheless, note that if you need a quality and reliable surface for your tournament, you will need to spend more money.

The other thing you need to note regarding the budget is the cost of installation. Choose a surface that will not cost you an arm and leg to install especially if you need the surface for normal training with your family.


Buying basketball surfaces sold with a warranty is a plus since you are guaranteed their durability and reliability. Also, a warranty ensures that you can always request a replacement if the surfaces do not meet the expectations. If you are working with asphalt or concrete surfaces, ensure your contractor has after services warranty for quality assurance.



There are various surfaces recommendable or outdoor basketball courts since they can endure the outdoor weathers. We have provided information about the best surfaces used to construct outdoor basketball surfaces for home or commercial areas. Whichever surface model you settle on, make sure it has all the discussed benefits for better performance and durability.

For installation purposes, make sure professions do the process for convenience and durability. If you are not sure regarding the right materials to choose for outdoor basketball surfaces, consider hiring a technician to work with you for guidance purposes. Lastly, use the above-discussed buying guide when choosing the best basketball outdoor surface.