Is There Best Portable Basketball Hoop for 8 Year Old?

The 8-year-old kid is in the fast pace of mentally and physically development, which in other words, meaning that he or she needs more exercise to help grow healthy. Among all the indoor and outdoor exercises, playing basketball is regarded as a perfect one, which warms up the relationships between friends and family members at the same time. Instead of getting the inground types, some kinds of best portable basketball hoop for 8 year old can be a wise choice.

The lightweight of a portable basketball hoop system spares more space no matter for indoor and outdoor use, and it gives the chance for kids to move and adjust all by themselves. Apart from the hot reviews on the top-rated portable basketball hoops, we also offer other types of basketball hoops for kids’ use. At the lower part of the article is the buying guides that you can never miss.

Now it is time to start.

Top Rated 6 Best Portable Basketball Hoop for 8-Year-Old

Best Portable Basketball Hoop for 8 Years Old Reviews

1. Best Pick Lifetime 32 Inches Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

best basketball hoops for kid

The 32-inch small backboard spares more floor space while maintaining a good performance in keeping kids at around 8 practicing the shooting skills. Polycarbonate materials enable a long life span and add up the durability. Costs no more than $100, it has been widely praised for its over-value performance and functions.

It features a folding rim with 0.5-inch steel, the nylon net comes with the rim is also weather-resistant, which refers to long service life. In order to resist severe weather conditions for outdoor use, it applies all the resistance systems, including the colorful graphics as well as the heavy-duty steel pole.

Do not regard it as something useless for competitive games. Small backboard as it owns, the strong base with 10 gallons capacity meet your demands on bearing the weight of vigorous actions once filled in water or sand. Of course, you can also place a sandbag onto the base for safety. Plus, it grows with kids with the telescoping height adjustment system, making it easier to adjust the height from 5.5 to 7.5 inches in 6 inches increments for each time.

2. Cheap Hoop for 8 Year OldBest Choice Kids Portable Sports Basketball Hoop

best basketball hoop for toddler

An adjustable-height system allows you to use it with different ages and levels of players. The maximum 8 feet suits the kids at the age of 8, while you can also use it as a hoop for toddlers when adjusting it to the minimum 6.5 feet. All is done by its double telescoping system, placing it up and down can be easily even for youth to do it by oneself.

The durability of the hoop is further enhanced by its heavy-duty steel as well as all-weather nylon net. Compatible with the hard-plastic backboard, it becomes a safe exercise toy for kids to play, for it hardly breaks even when falling down or tipping over.

The red square marks the perfect shooting position, making it convenient to practice shooting skills. No matter for indoor or outdoor use, the compact but sturdy shape saves much space. In terms of sturdiness, all thank the large base. Filling the water or sand into the base and it helps stabilize the hoop in playing. Well, the two red wheels are set for convenient moving and rolling for storage.

3. Shatterproof Backboard for KidsSKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop System

best kids basketball hoop

This is the most pro-like basketball hoop for 8 years old kids use. The grey color blends with black on the backboard and pole, the square design on the backboard gives it a glass-like look. Because of the clear vision offered by the shatterproof material, outdoor games with it can be as exciting as playing in the gym.

Being the mini sizes of portable basketball systems, it meets the demands of kids’ use and those with small backyard or driveway. 32-inch backboard sizes keep the same size as with other youth hoops. The maximum height it offers is 7 feet, while for junior use, lower it to 3.5 feet for pure entertainment.

It comes with breakaway rim, which bringing the ball into the net through the bouncing spring. The mobile base allows you to roll it anywhere, either for storing or for playing. Besides, if you happen to get a swimming pool in the backyard, place it around the pool and it turns into a pool hoop with water resistance.

4. Height Adjustable HoopYaheetech Portable Basketball Hoop System

best in-ground basketball hoop

Constructed by the non-toxic PE material, this backboard is theoretically unbreakable. The round backboard with red graphic design adds up the modern like, while the nylon net and corrosion-resistant pole, using it for several years is the easy-thing-to-do.

The stability of portable basketball hoop especially those for youth use can be a headache thing for most manufacturers. Instead of oval posts that most plastic hoop adopts, it uses the round posts with a knob for adding extra stability. There is also a heavy base for filling in the water or sand for extra guarantee.

Do you see the two wheels set on the base, it is where you can rely on when rolling it away for storage. The adjustable height system allows you to set the height from 5 feet to 7 feet, which suits both kid’s use and courtside use. Besides, when you lower the height to 5 feet, it serves as a poolside hoop or an indoor basketball game court.

5. Best 44 Inch Shatterproof BackboardLifetime 1221 Portable Basketball Hoop

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If you want to get a high-quality basketball hoop at around $100, then this hoop is the ideal type that meets your demands. The 44 inches polycarbonate backboard makes it suitable for youth to on practicing the shooting skills. A black square box covered with dark blue gives you the chance of getting the right shoot.

For different ages and levels of players, you can adjust the hoop height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet with the telescoping mechanism, and each with a 6-inch increment. The gallon base is large enough for carrying the weight during inactive competition when you fill it with sand or water. The triangle design formed by the pole and base adds up stability in use.

Different from other 8-year-old basketball hoops, this one is also suitable for adults to use. The steel rim allows you to get competitive games.

6. Polycarbonate Shatterproof Portable Basketball HoopLifetime 90040 Basketball System

adjustable basketball hoop 6 to 10

The graphic-covered backboard is quite appealing the moment you place it in the backyard or the driveway. Constructed by the polycarbonate, it gives less bouncing effects but more durability as well as longer service life. Painted with all-weather resistant paintings, it looks new even for long-term use.

Features a classic rim and nylon net, you can use it either indoor or outdoor. Like all the other youth portable basketball hoops, it grows with kids, thanks to the height adjustment system. The assembly of the hoop is quite easy, needs a second hand for help but takes only 1 or 2 hours to finish.

When standing in the backyard, the large base ensures it to be super sturdy and stable. Once filling in a large amount of water or sand, moving it can be a difficult task. Only by using the wheels set on the base can you move it away. In a word, it totally worth the price for its brilliant performance, and it takes only around $100.

Buying Guides on Basketball Hoop for 8-Year-Old Kids

Before buying, there are several things you need to bear in mind about selecting the ideal type. Unlike the adult-use basketball hoop, the portable basketball hoop for kids is quite different.

1. Safety

The portable basketball hoops that designed for adults are normally steel frame, used to stabilize the hoop caused by vigorous actions. However, it also adds up the potential danger of tipping over and does unimaginably harm to the small kids. Therefore, compared with the hard steel types, we would like to suggest the plastic-type, especially when it is the first time for kids to get in touch with basketball games.

In terms of the rim, the breakaway rim can be a better choice for kids’ use, for it is safer compared with the classic rim. Those made with light plastic requires differently on the balls, some can hard to bear the carry of basketball, which means a toy ball should be used in playing. Plus, the backboard material is also vital in the safety of a portable basketball system.

The frequent materials that are available on the market include tempered glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate. Among the three, the last one is the most durable and is theoretically unbreakable. Though being the weakest in the bouncing effect, it safeguards small players during the whole using time. Of course, for those who have strong passions about basketball and intend to become a professional player, you can choose the portable hoop for adults to use with adjustable height. Playing like a real player is a dream for every basketball lovers and can be transferred into the force in pushing kids forward.

2. Adjustability

Why do you need a durable basketball hoop for an 8-year-old boy? Well, the boy during that stage is growing like a rocket. Not only do the clothes to be changed frequently, but the toys they used to play can also be trash in a short time. That is why adjustable backboard is a must-to-have thing when buying the kid’s use portable basketball hoops.

Once they grow bigger and bigger, you can adjust the height and make it a regulation backboard at the feet of 10; the height that each professional players need to practice in daily training.

3. Durability

The durability of the hoop determines the lifespan. For most families, the basketball hoop prices are not a small amount of money. Even the cheapest types take no less than $100, not to say those heavy-duty models cost around $500, or even $700. Anyway, you won’t want to spend extra money to buy brand new types because of the weak quality level hoops you get before.

Can an 8 Year Old Kid Use Regulatory Backboard?

Yes, of course. The regulation standard on portable basketball hoop is 10 feet tall on height and 54 inches on the backboard, some as large as 60 inches for improving the skills. For kids who have zero-touch with basketball games or aim to use the hoop for pure entertainment, the kids use plastic backboard with small inches are a perfect choice.

However, if your kids have a strong obsession with the basketball games, and would like to be a professional player with frequent practice, get them used to the regulatory backboard as early as possible. Shooting practice on a high backboard can be a bit difficult for young kids, then the adjustable height basketball hoop is the perfect option. You can adjust the backboard to the 7.5 or 8 inches with the height adjustment system, making it easy for them to use.

In a word, if your kids are in the middle or pro levels on basketball, it is a solid option for them to use the regulatory backboard; On the other hand, if they are of beginner levels, then you might as well start from those designed for youth.

The Importance of Kids Exercising at 8 Year Old

Kids at the age of 8 need to strengthen up the coordinate, confidence as well as muscle power to lay the groundwork for a future healthy lifestyle. Plus, they need also to get more control over their bodies and muscles. Exercise intensity and types need to fit the age, personality, physical conditions, and interests.

The regular exercise becomes a vital part of getting healthy and meanwhile staying healthy. Plus, they are also helpful in:

  • gain strong bones and muscles
  • improve balance and develop skills
  • build self-confidence
  • cultivate and boost flexibility
  • correct the posture
  • get a healthy lifestyle and a healthy view of life
  • get more intimate times with friends or family

However, there is no need to strengthen up muscles in the gym as adults do. Children gain their body strength through daily running, walking, and playing. Some aerobics like running, boxing, and ball games playing is a good way to make them active and stay energetic, also reduce the possibility of getting high blood pressure and heart disease.

How Much Activity Do They Need?

Kids at school age should get at least 60 minutes of physical exercise, for those exercises every day, they can also do it for a couple of hours. He or she does not need to be active for a whole one hour at the one time but accumulate throughout the day.

By playing basketball with friends for outdoor games, or by involving other kinds of ball games such as football and volleyball. For each week, the children should be energetic in doing physical activities for at least three days a week.

However, there is no point to stick to the exercise time, but to cultivate the healthy and active ways of life for kids, which benefits more if they are willing to do an exercise based on their interests.


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