Top 9 Best Garage Door Basketball Hoop Reviews

Basketball is an impressive indoor and outdoor game and a hobby to many all over the world. Unlike other games including football, basketball is can be played in different places including bedroom, garage, living room among other places. This is because basketball is both an indoor and an outdoor game and not forgetting the many types of basketball hoops that allow customized playing.

There are many basketball hoops designed for different place installations including garage mounting and wall mounting. This article will provide you with different information about garage door basketball hoop as well as a buying guide for the best garage door basketball hoop.

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What Is the Best Garage Door Basketball Hoop on the Market?

Picking the Best Basketball Hoop Over Garage Door

Is a Basketball Hoop Above the Garage Door Worth Buying?

Yes, buying a basketball hoop above the garage door is worth the money. Despite the few drawbacks associated with garage basketball hoops, Buying these hoops is worth it. Most basketball hoop above your garage door features many versatile features that make it worth buying. Despite the initial buying and installation cost, these hoops save you a lot more money.

Furthermore, the ergonomic design featured in most of these hoops makes it worth regardless of the initial cost. Some of these features include breakaway rims that allow you to enjoy dunking as hard as you can. Also, mounting the hoop on the garage is an easy and quick process that requires you up to 30 or 40 minutes, having the appropriate tools with you.

What Makes Buying Basketball Hoop Above the Garage Door So Important?

There are a number of factors and features that make these hoops so important. First, the fact that most garages have ample space and not frequently used, makes them so ideal. Also, having your hoop on the garage, pose fewer hazards unlike mounting it in your room. Also, having the hoop in the garage has no restrictions, in this case, you can bring your friends and play with them. This is something that cannot happen with a bedroom hoop for instance.

Benefits of Using Garage Door Basketball Hoop

1. Playful zone.

Installing a garage basketball hoop in your home is a great thing that turns your home as a playful zone with your family and friends. This will create a playing court for your family which is very healthy for a family. Also, friends will come to enjoy shooting in your home.

2. Convenient.

Owning a garage door basketball hoop in your home makes it very convenient for you and your family to play. This is because you can play at any time regardless of your working schedule, as you don’t have to travel far distances to play.

3. Cost-saving.

Although buying and installing a garage door basketball hoop is quite expensive, this saves you a lifetime cost for traveling up and down to play basketball. Also, garage door basketball hoops are long-lasting hoops, hence a lasting usage with no maintenance cost.

4. It helps you in exercising.

Installing a garage door basketball in your home helps you to exercise regularly. Playing basketball has so many benefits in your body both health-wise and physically. Playing is one of the physical exercises that can help you to keep fit. Basketball also helps you develop mental fitness as well as preventing cardiovascular problems.

5. Time-saving.

Having a garage door basketball in your home helps you in saving time that you would rather use traveling to the nearby pitch and back home. This time you can use it to do other important things or to add in your leisure time.

6. It turns your driveway into court.

Installing a garage door basketball in your home helps in turning your garage driveway into a playing court. This enables you to get more from your garage other than having a driveway only.

7. Improving your skills.

Having this basketball hoop in your home helps you and your family to improve your basketball skills to another level. This is a very important benefit especially for families or individuals with the aim of developing their skills to professional skills. This will help you boost and develop your talent as well as your hobby.

8. Stress relief.

Basketball is a hobby for many people. Playing basketball is one way of helping you to relieve stress. Stress is one thing that can cause serious health problems if not treated early and well. Having a basketball hoop in your garage will allow you to play on a daily basis during your leisure time thereby treating and relieving stress.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying a Garage Door Basketball Hoop?

To ensure that you get the best garage door basketball hoop, it is important to consider several factors. This article will provide you with three basic factors consider.

1. Size.

The size of the garage door basketball hoop is determined by the space in your garage as well as the door size. Generally, the size of the hoop is determined by the backboard size. There are three main backboard sizes to choose from, depending on your need and available space.

The first size is the NBA professional backboard size 72″ x 42″. This is the standard backboard size used for NBA basketball games. This is the best option for people with the aim of enhancing their basketball career to professional levels. However, these backboards are the most expensive.

The second size is the 60″ x 38″ backboard. This is also a good size and happens to be the most popular backboard. This is the best choice for individuals with lesser space but still want to enjoy enough backboard to handle even the bank shots.

The smallest size backboard is the 54″ x 36″ backboard. Despite being the smallest, this backboard is the best for smaller spaces as well as smaller playing ground. They are also the cheapest, hence budget-friendly.

2. Rim and backboard material.

The material used to make these two parts plays a very important role in basketball. It is very crucial to consider the quality standard materials certified by the NBA.


The NBA standard material for making rims feature a spring breakaway rim. This material is designed to handle tough dunking without breaking. The rim features a spring that allows the rim to move downwards when pressure is exerted and move back to position when after being released. However, it is important to check that the spring is not exposed to avoid hand injuries as well as ensuring durability by protecting the spring from the weather.


The backboard is an essential part of the hoop that determines the hoop performance as it determines the ball actions around the basket. The NBA standard backboard is the tempered glass backboard. The glass is well hardened to ensure safety measures, as well as perfect ball control including the rebounds. However, tempered glass backboards are only ideal for indoor basketball. Therefore, it is important to have a second option from tempered glass.

Another versatile option is acrylic backboards. These are also versatile backboards used for basketball.

3. Height.

The height of the hoop is also an important factor to consider. The first determinant of the height is the intended user age. Different ages have different hoop heights. However, it is better to consider a more versatile hoop with adjustable height and simple height adjustment feature.

How We Pick the Garage Door Basketball Hoop?

The following are the factors we consider when picking the garage door hoop.

1. Brand value.

The brand of a product, as well as the brand value, are key factors used to pick the best hoop. Generally, there are always the leading brands in the market. These brands are well known to produce quality products. Also, brand value helps in determining the best quality product.

2. Product Value.

The product value is also related directly to the quality of the product. We used the product value from different hoops to determine the best.

3. Quality and Durability.

The quality of a product determines directly the durability of the product. Therefore, to pick the best hoop, we considered the quality of the materials used to make the products. For instance, tempered glass is one of the quality materials.

4. Features & Specifications.

We used the features and specifications of the hoop to pick the best hoop. Versatile features include height adjustment feature with easy operation mechanism.

5. Customer Reviews & Ratings.

Customer reviews and ratings are another way of determining how quality the product is. Usually, customers give honest reviews and ratings about their experience with the hoop. Therefore, using customer reviews is another way to pick the best hoop.

Best Garage Door Basketball Hoop Reviews

1. Best Garage Door Basketball Hoop – Franklin Sports over the Door Mini Basketball Hoop

garage mounted basketball hoop

Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialAcrylic
Height7.5-10 feet
RimArena slam breakaway rim

The door basketball hoop features a sizeable 25-inch backboard to ensure you have excellent shot opportunities during your basketball. The large backboard will also provide you have excellent rebound performance. Additionally, the massive 25″ backboard of the door basketball hoop is shatter resistant and therefore robust and durable; hence you can frequently practice or play basketball without worrying about getting damaged or replacing for extended periods.

The door basketball hoop features a 9.5-inch diameter metal rim that makes it suitable for various ball sizes. Further, the door basketball hoop features a sturdy dual spring rim, and therefore it can withstand 3-point shots and slam dunks.

The dual spring rim will help keep you safe by “breaking-away “when you are slam dunking and not remaining in a static position and harming you. The door basketball hoop backboard has a protective EVA foam that helps in minimizing the injuries that you may incur by hitting its sharp corners.


  • Protective EVA foam
  • Massive backboard
  • 9.5-inch diameter rim
  • Sturdy
  • Basketball ball included
  • The inflation equipment is included


  • Expensive


2. Best with Large Backboard – Liberty Imports Pro Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Hoop Set

using garage basketball hoop

Backboard Size27" x 18"
Rim Size15 Inches
Basketball MaterialPVC
NetHeavy-duty Nylon net

The door basketball hoop is made of superior quality materials that ensure its durability, and therefore it will last you for an extended period. Additionally, the door basketball hoop features 27″ by 18″ large premium shatter-resistant backboard that is robust and durable; thus, you can use it with confidence without worrying about buying a new one or getting damaged.

The large resistant backboard will also ensure that you get maximum shot opportunities and rebound performance when practicing or playing basketball at home or school.

The availability of the 15″ heavy-duty steel rim in the basketball hoop makes it sturdy, and therefore you can slum dunk with confidence. Besides, the heavy-duty steel rim will break away when you are dunking to help keep you safe.

The nylon net included during purchase is all-weather, and therefore, you can use it both indoors and outdoors since it can withstand the extremely harsh weather conditions. One PVC basketball ball and an air pump are included during purchase to help reduce your expense and save you money. Finally, all mounting and setup tools are included during purchase for easy setup and mounting.


  • Durable
  • Reasonable shatter-resistant backboard
  • 15″ heavy-duty steel rim
  • All-weather net
  • Easy to mount
  • Easy to set up


  • None


3. Best For Indoor and Outdoor Use – GoSports Basketball Door Hoop with 3 Premium Basketballs & Pump

basketball hoop above garage door

Backboard Size18 x 12 Inches
Backboard materialPolycarbonate
RimBreakaway action rim

This door basketball hoop is made with great features that will guarantee your practice and playtime become very much entertaining and worthwhile. While purchasing this door basketball hoop, three premium rubber basketballs are included, which will help save you money since buying basketball is reduced.

Additionally, the door basketball hoop has a sturdy breakaway action steel rim that will “break-away” and not remain static while dunking to help keep you safe.

Having this door basketball hoop in your home or office will help improve your shot opportunities and your rebound performance thanks to the 18-inch x 12-inch polycarbonate backboard availability. Further, the polycarbonate backboard is shatterproof hence sturdy, and therefore you can do the slam dunks with confidence.

You can enjoy your basketball sessions without the worry of disturbing your neighbors at home or coworkers in the next office because the foam padding that will help in reducing the noise during play. Moreover, the foam-padding will help protect the door that it is mounted on from damaging and minimize your injury chances. Last, an ergonomic ball pump is included for easy inflation of the basketballs.


  • Reasonable polycarbonate backboard
  • Easy to set up
  • Three premium rubber basketballs included
  • Inflation equipment included
  • Foam padded


  • Expensive


4. Best Mini Hoop – Spalding NBA 180 Breakaway Over-The-Door Basketball Hoop

garage basketball hoop


Backboard Size28.125 x 16.4 inches
Basketball size5 inches
Backboard materialPolycarbonate
Rim180 degree breakaway rim

Over the years, Spalding has been making a huge impact on the basketball world by constructing equipment with great features that help the individuals using them to perfect their game from a tender age.

The basketball hoop features a 28.125-inch x 16.4-inch polycarbonate backboard. The large backboard size will ensure that will you are playing basketball, the shot opportunities will increase. Your rebound performance will also improve with this door basketball hoop in your room.

With this door basketball hoop, your safety while dunking in guaranteed. This is due to the 180-degree breakaway’s availability that will ‘break-away’ and not remain static. Furthermore, the basketball hoop possesses an authentic foam board pad and an over the door foam-padded bracket that will minimize the noise.

Therefore you can play basketball in your room without disturbing your neighbors with noise. The padding will also help protect the door from getting damaged due to the hard basketball hitting impacts. Lastly, an NBA branded rubber basketball is included in the package to reduce your expense. Tools are also included for easy assembly.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Extra-large polycarbonate backboard
  • 180-degree break-away rim
  • 5-inches NBA branded rubber basketball
  • Over the door foam padded bracket


  • Not ideal for small doors.


5. Best For Door Mounted and Wall Mounted – JAPER BEES Mini Pro Over the Door & Wall Mount Basketball Hoop

garage mounted basketball hoop


Backboard Size18 x 12"
Backboard materialPolycarbonate
RimSolid steel slam jam breakaway rim

The door basketball hoop features 18″ by 12″ clear polycarbonate backboard to ensure you have maximum shot opportunities and excellent rebound performance. The clear polycarbonate backboard is also shatterproof and durable; thus, you can use it frequently without the fear of it getting damaged for extended periods. Additionally, the polycarbonate backboard is clear; hence, there are no view obstructions, and therefore you are guaranteed more consistent rebound deliveries.

The backboard is also padded to help in minimizing the chances of you getting injured. Besides, the foam paddings and the brackets will prevent your door from getting damaged. You can also play and practice basketball without making noise to your neighbor’s thanks to the foam paddings and the brackets that help minimize the noise.

Moreover, the door basketball hoop features dual pro-springs and solid steel slam jam break-away rim to help keep you safe when dunking. Finally, rubber basketball and inflation pump are included. Tools are also included during purchase for easy assembly.


  • 18″ x 12″ real shatterproof clear polycarbonate backboard
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Assembly tools included
  • Heavy-duty net


  • A bit pricey



6. Best For Office – Cyfie Over-The-Door Basketball Hoop

basketball hoop above garage door

Backboard Size32 x 23"
Suitable AgeAll ages
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
RimBreakaway spring-loaded rim

The value for your money will be ensured, and the quality guarantee thanks to the warranty it comes with. The backboard of this door basketball hoop is made of shatterproof polycarbonate, which makes it hard and durable. Therefore you will enjoy practicing and playing basketball with it for extended periods.

Additionally, you can purchase and use this door basketball hoop on the same day since it is easy to assemble and mount. Setting up the basketball hoop only needs assembling of the rim and hangers and then mounting to play.

You can play without fear and worries of getting injured thanks to the availability of the 15-inch break-away spring-loaded rim that will help keep you safe by ‘breaking-away’ when you dunk.

Further, when purchasing this door basketball hoop, an 8.66” inflatable basketball is included, which will help reduce the expense of you buying a basketball hence saving you money. Finally, no need to worry about where to inflate the ball since a pump is also included.


  • Easy to set up
  • 15″ break-away spring-loaded rim
  • Durable
  • Large backboard


  • Loud


7. Best For Kids and Adults – Play Platoon Mini Basketball Hoop

garage door basketball hoop

Backboard Size16 x 12 Inches
UsagesBedroom / Garage door / Office
Balls included2 balls
RimBreakaway steel rim

When purchasing this door, basketball hoop free mounting hardware and tool kit are included for easy assembly and mounting within a short duration. The basketball hoop has a shatterproof backboard that sturdy; hence you can do your slam dunks with confidence for extended periods without the fear of it breaking or damaging. Additionally, the 16-inch x 12-inch backboard will ensure that you will get enough shot opportunities and excellent rebound performance.

The door basketball hoop features a breakaway steel rim that will help keep you safe when doing slam dunks by bouncing back into place after every dunk; hence you can dunk with confidence. Moreover, the door basketball hoop comes with a one-year warranty to ensure the value for your money. Last, to keep the mini basketballs inflated all-year-round so that you have endless fun, the inflation equipment is included during purchase.


  • Ensures the value for your money
  • Easy to mount
  • Sturdy steel break-away rim
  • Two mini balls and free pump included
  • Shatter-resistant backboard
  • Affordable


  • Only suitable for indoor use



8. Best with Light – Silverback 23″ LED Light-Up over the Door Mini Basketball Hoop

indoor garage basketball hoop

Backboard Size23"
Special FeaturesLED light-up
SpringHeavy duty metal spring
RimBreakaway rim

The door basketball hoop features heavy-duty metal spring action break-away rim that will give you the confidence to play harder with fewer worries since it will keep you safe when slam dunking. Additionally, the door basketball hoop has a dual-function LED lighting system that will keep the backboard illuminated during game time to make it visible at night and for safety purposes.

You are guaranteed maximum shot opportunities and excellent rebound performance thanks to the thick polycarbonate backboard’s availability. Furthermore, the basketball hoop comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty to ensure your money’s value and guarantee its quality. The door brackets are padded to help protect the door from getting damaged during play. The foam-padded brackets will help minimize the noise while you are playing to disturb your neighbors.


  • Foam-padded door brackets
  • Dual-function LED lighting system
  • Heavy-duty metal spring action break-away rim
  • Quick and easy to mount


  • Expensive
  • The 90-day warranty is too short



9. Best with Acrylic Backboard – Spalding Basketball Backboard & Rim Combo

using garage door basketball hoop

Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialAcrylic
Height7.5-10 feet
RimArena slam breakaway rim

With the board size of 54 inches by 32 inches featured in this door basketball hoop, you will get an excellent rebound performance and more shot opportunities while practicing and playing basketball. The backboard is made of acrylic, which makes this door basketball hoop long-lasting. Additionally, the steel board frame’s availability with aluminum trim makes door basketball hoop sturdy, and therefore you can play without fear of it getting damaged.

The materials used in making this door basketball hoop are weatherproof, and therefore it can withstand the extremely harsh weather conditions suitable for outdoor use.

Furthermore, your safety while slam-dunking is guaranteed thanks to the presence of the arena slam breakaway rim that will bounce back into place after every dunk you make. For your door protection and to minimize the noise while playing, this door basketball hoop has the acrylic board padded.

Finally, the acrylic board’s arena-style padding will help reduce the chances of you getting injured when you hit it while playing.


  • Reasonable backboard
  • Quality acrylic backboard
  • Arena style padding backboard
  • Sturdy break-away rim
  • Durable
  • All-weather fabrics


  • The mounting hardware is sold separately.



Drawbacks of Garage Door Basketball Hoop

Just like any other product, there are drawbacks to installing a garage door basketball hoop in your garage. Some of these drawbacks include.

1. Unforeseen hazards.

Once you have your basketball hoop installed in the garage, there is no way of preventing the basketball from hitting the wall, the garage door, or other surrounding things, either accidentally or not. This can result in unforeseen hazards like breakages.

2. It causes destruction to the wall or door.

Regardless of the place of installation, installing garage basketball hoops that require drilling, causes destruction to the wall or door regardless of how minimal it will be. In fact, this is one of the reasons why homeowner’s association restricted the installation of garage basketball hoops.

3. Noise.

Yes, playing basketball has so many advantages, but once the ball hits the wall or the backboard, there is noise pollution. This can cause destruction to neighbors, sleeping babies, or even you while resting or busy working and someone else is playing outside.

4. Unnecessary repair cost.

Installing a garage basketball hoop in your garage will cost you unnecessary repair. It is very normal for a basketball to go astray while playing or even bounce and move to a stray direction. This can result in unnecessary repairs in cases where the ball lands on fragile things like bulbs, car parts, among others.

How to Install a Basketball Hoop on the Garage?

The first thing to do when installing your basketball hoop on the garage is gathering the necessary tools and materials required. They include drill, level, ladder, stud finder, tape measure, Crescent wrenches, basketball hoop kit, and any other tool that you will find necessary.

Step 1.

The first step involves inspecting your garage to locate the best position where to install the basketball hoop. While inspecting, make sure that your preferred point has no loose or damaged components and the floor or ground is safe for playing. This is to prevent unforeseen accidents during installation or after installation. Also, while inspecting your garage, it is important to consider the NBA standard regulations for a basketball hoop and court. Make sure that the regulations will be well met unless you don’t want to follow the strict regulations.

Step 2.

The second step is to mark the position where you will install the basketball mounting brackets for your hoop. In case you choose to install it on the roof’s stud at the center position relative to the roof. You can use a stud finder to locate the position.

Step 3.

This step involves installing the mounting bracket on the position marked during the second step. To install the mounting bracket, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to mount the bracket. This is because different manufacturers have different ways of installing their mounting brackets depending on the model.

However, installing the mounting bracket involves drilling guide holes for the lag bolts considering the measurements of the bolts so as to drill accurately. Mount the mounting brackets directly to pilot holes and attach it to the roof with a socket and rachet.

Step 4.

The next step is to install the backboard after attaching the mounting bracket successfully on the roof. In this step, extra effort is required. Find a neighbor, friend, or a family member to help you raise the backboard and install it on the mounting bracket. Usually, the basketball hoop kit comes with the necessary bolts and nuts to mount the backboard to the mounting bracket. Raise the backboard to the required height, and then using a power drill, drive in the bolts into the nuts and tighten, to mount the backboard to the mounting bracket.

After installing the backboard check for any empty holes and gaps and seal them waterproof caulking gum. This is to prevent water entry in the gaps left to prevent rusting.

Step 5.

This step involves testing how well the backboard is fixed. While still on top of the ladder, ensure that the backboard is safely and securely installed.

Step 6.

This is the final step and it involves attaching the basketball net onto the rim. Finally, remove the ladder and check whether the hoop is aligned properly from the ground.

How High Should I Put My Basketball Hoop?

The height of your basketball hoop is mainly dependent on your decision. Unless the main aim is to practice and develop your professional basketball skills. then you can choose any height. Another factor that determines the height of your hoop is the intended user. Different ages require different rim heights for their basketball hoop. Finally, another factor to consider is if your basketball hoop model allows height adjustment or not.

However, the standard NBA regulations for the appropriate rim height demands a rim height of 8 feet for kids aged 7 – 8 years, and 9 feet for kids aged 9-11 years, and 10 feet for people above 11 years. You can choose to follow these rules depending on the age of the intended player. However, for fun playing, you can choose not to follow the regulations and lower the height as you wish. Furthermore, lower heights help in increasing the chances of a successful shoot, so if you are not highly skilled, it is recommendable to opt for lower heights.


In conclusion, this article has provided multiple information concerning the garage mount basketball hoop. Also, it has provided the factors to consider when buying the best garage basketball hoop, as well as how to pick the best hoop.