52 Inch Spalding Basketball Hoop Review – NBA Acrylic In-Ground Basketball System

Spalding is among the leading suppliers of basketball equipment all over the world. Their products are always high quality designed to satisfy customer needs while also enduring the test of time. Gone are the days when basketball enthusiasts had to travel for miles to locate community centers/gyms for basketball training since nowadays, producers such as Spalding have designed certain basketball system which can be erected in the backyard of an individual’s house serving as a place to play some good basketball game. There are, however, numerous models in the market produced by Spalding, all with varying features. In this article, we will discuss the 52 Inch Spalding Basketball Hoop.

Specifications of 52 Inch Spalding Basketball Hoop

Backboard size dimensions: 52 Inches by 32 Inches

Height dimensions: 7.5 Feet to 10 Feet

Pole: 3 Piece, 3.5 Inches

Brand: Spalding

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Item Weight: 50 pounds

Frame material: Heavy-duty steel metal



Features of Spalding NBA 52 Inch Acrylic In-Ground Basketball System

The Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System is usually ranked among the best in the series of manufactures by Spalding. This is because its design usually incorporates a variety of features upgraded from previous models while also considering some of the customers’ feedback. Thus, the basketball system was designed to give the user an exceptional playing session at the comfort of your home/any location of the user’s choosing.

Therefore some of the features include:

A Pro-Glide Lift System

spalding height adjustable system

This is a unique feature specific to this basketball system. The pro-glide lift is usually installed on these basketball systems to enable the adjustment of the height of the basketball hoop ranging from the lowest 7.5 feet to about 10 feet. This gives the user freedom to adjust the hoop to a more comfortable height they can enjoy without straining too much. Thus, the basketball system is great for individuals of varying heights, thus, from children to adults.

3.5 mm Thick Acrylic Backboard

The thickness and the strength of the backboards are usually important in a basketball hoop system. Thus, the 3.5 mm thickness of the acrylic backboard installed in these basketball systems is usually good enough to effect a great rebound. Thus, enhancing the quality of play while utilizing these basketball systems from Spalding.

52 Inches by 32 Inches Steel Frame

This encircles the entire extension of the acrylic backboard. Thus, it adds to the strength and stamina of the backboard, and with the high-quality steel material used by Spalding, the backboards usually last a lifetime despite the constant bouncing of the balls on it. Therefore, it reinforces the robustness and integrity of the entire system.

Three-piece, 3.5 Inches Round Steel Pole

The pole supporting the system usually needs to be wide enough and strong to ensure maximum stability while using the hoop system. This is thus covered by Spalding, whose poles come quite wide, measuring about 3.5 inches and manufactured from heavy-duty steel metal, making sure that the final basketball system is strong, sturdy, and durable.

The three pieces further enhance sturdiness, stability, and efficiency while using the basketball system since they guarantee effective connection systems for the hoop.

Ground Sleeve Anchor System

By incorporating this feature in this model of the Spalding basketball system, they made the entire system easy and straightforward to install by just slipping the support pole into the ground sleeve and locking the tab to secure it firmly. Similarly, removing the pole is quite simple as it only entails unlocking the tab and pulling the pole out. Thus convenient for mobility.

16 Inches Offset from Pole

The backboard to pole distance is usually vital to give that ample space for jumping, dribbling, and turning efficiently without the fear of hitting a section of the pole and getting injured or missing your score. Thus, Spalding considered this and provided a 16 inches wide offset allowing for free and comfortable gaming.

Pro-Slam Breakaway Rim

This feature allows for professional dunking giving the NBA experience while playing in your backyard. This is because the rim is usually designed to bend after a player dunks and spring back into the flat-leveled position after the pressure is off. This gives you that quality experience playing.

Rust-Resistant Black Finish

The metallic poles are usually treated and painted with a thin black finish. This ensures that there is limited rusting, thus prolonging the life of these basketball systems. Furthermore, black finishing also enhances the professional look of the product.

Authentic style blow-molded backboard pad

This is also included in this Spalding product model for enhanced playing and recreational level of performance. This will add flavor and fun to your basketball plays. Thus making these Spalding basketball systems quite fulfilling to the users.

52 Inch Spalding Basketball Hoop Reviews

spalding 52 inch acrylic backboard


  • Strong, sturdy and durable
  • Professional and stylish looking
  • Easy and straightforward installation
  • Comes with adjustable height levels
  • Provides good rebounds
  • Great for dunking


  • Very expensive
  • The assembly instructions are often vague

Who Is It For?

These Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System models being of high quality, coupled with the numerous variety of features, makes this product multi-functional in a variety of capacities. Thus, some of the possible applications for the product include:

Professional training

Since these basketball systems are usually professionally designed, they can henceforth be used by amateurs or even low-level basketball players to train and perfect their skills. This is because they allow for dribbling close to the pole and dunking quite comfortably, skills that can thus be mastered using these basketball systems.

Fitness training

The consistent playing of a basketball game using this Spalding system may also help an individual exercise for overall body fitness. Thus increase hand and leg coordination and even overall strength in the body’s extremities.

Recreational playing

Playing basketball is also often recreational and a fan game for an individual of a group of people. Due to the long-lasting design of these basketball systems, they can often be used to play for fun to pass the time.


The Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball system is, therefore, a great quality product. This can be deduced from the general overview of the above features of the product. Furthermore, the product also comes highly recommended and praised by experts and longtime users. Thus, it is efficient and offers an excellent basketball playing platform. Therefore, you should consider purchasing this model when planning to acquire a new basketball system or replace an old one for your home playground.